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7 Principles To Live By For A Successful, Happy Life

a reasonable life can be achieved by  anyone nokay life an okay job  okay relationships anyone can have these  if you want a great life you must commit  to leading a great life to doing things  the majority do not do commit to  thinking like the minority not like the  majority here are seven principles to  live by for an abundant happy successful  life number one the first principle to  live by is that one day you will be gone  it may be in 50 years it may be in 50  weeks it may be next week or even today  I don’t know you don’t know nobody knows  and rather than live in fear of this we  should embrace the fact that this life  is short short and unpredictable  knowing this we must live fully today it  is not a recipe for recklessness rather  a recipe to give your all today to give  your very best today in everything you  do to give your greatest energy to this  day to your family to everyone you  encounter today it is a reminder for you  to leave your best self in each moment  what if they couldn’t speak to you  tomorrow what if you were gone tomorrow  what would they speak of you what can  you do that will leave a lasting  positive memory in the lives of everyone  you come into contact with it is about  being light hearted knowing that in the  end none of this stuff matters the only  thing that ever matters is how you made  others feel  and how you felt in your own heart it is  about knowing that things can never go  with you in the end the spirit lives on  but the things they die with your  physical body remembering that we are  going to die is the greatest reminder we  can have in our daily lives because it  keeps us focused on what’s really  important and what is real number two  there is nothing you cannot be do or  have if there has been someone even one  person on this planet that has done it  before that means you can – it doesn’t  mean it will be easy but it does mean it  is possible and as long as it is  possible you can work towards it you can  make a plan learn what needs to be done  for you to live your craziest most  abundant life a life most would consider  impossible but you know impossible  broken down States I  possible you know impossible broken-down  is simply the process of making a plan  and being willing to work for that plan  principle number three nothing is worth  it if it doesn’t make you happy if it  doesn’t a make you happy or B make you  better don’t make time for it  now before and if you jump on this let  me clarify nothing is worth it if it  doesn’t make you happy that means if it  doesn’t make you happy now while you’re  doing it or it isn’t going to make you  happy as a result of doing it it most  likely is not worth it  just about everything worth fighting for  is going to require a real fight to win  a great prize you will have to suffer  and sacrifice for almost anything  worthwhile in life but you should ask  yourself this question about everything  you do in your life does this make me  happy if the answer is no ask yourself  will this sacrifice I am making lead to  more happiness in the long term if not  you should let it go number four be  yourself always no exceptions it’s such  a tragedy to see so many people on this  planet living lives they don’t want to  live just because they listen to other  people who did the same the only way you  can live happy in this life the only way  you can be successful is if you be you  let me repeat that because perhaps it is  the most important thing you could ever  apply to your life the only way you can  be happy in this life the only way you  can be successful is if you  you you will never be truly happy in  life if you are constantly doing things  to please others to compete with others  or to be like another you are unique and  that is your greatest gift when you  follow your own path regardless if that  fits in with others you open up space  for great things to enter your life  compare yourself to no one compete with  no other make your own decisions and it  will lead to your greatest life  principle number five everything you  need is already within you in this world  we see endless examples of people who  seemingly have it all materially  speaking but they are empty inside  things will never complete you other  people will never complete you  regardless of what Terry McGuire says  there’s a saying needing nothing  attracts everything when you come from a  place of needing nothing of seeking  nothing outside yourself to make you  happy you open up space for more amazing  things to enter your life and if things  don’t come that’s fine you don’t need  them real happiness is never found  outside of us it is not found in  possessions or wealth happiness is  always and only found within us it is a  state of mind never forget this  happiness is the highest level of  excess do what feels good the rest will  follow  principle number six there’s no room for  toxic people but there is never-ending  space for positive energy and positive  people surrounding yourself with energy  killers is one of the worst things you  can do if you want to live a happy  fulfilled and successful life  unfortunately not everyone including  families and friends will share the same  positive energy you have some will take  a while some might never get there let  them run their own race while you focus  on living your own happiness those who  are truly aligned with you will never  hold you back from living the life you  want to live don’t ever dim your lights  to fit in with others shine bright those  who see your spark will shine with you  remember you cannot live a great life a  happy life if you surround yourself with  toxic people principle number seven  whatever you focus on you will find if  you search for negativity in this world  you will find plenty of it if you search  for hate anger violence and sadness you  will find it but the same is true on the  flip side if your only intention is to  search for the good you will find only  the good whatever meaning you give your  life becomes your life it can be a  failure or a lesson heartbreak or  character building life is against you  making you stronger because there is no  such thing as reality we choose our own  reality by the meaning we give each  moment in our lives  make it your intention to look for the  good in your life to notice the good in  others to be grateful for what you do  have to see challenges as opportunities  to show your true character remember  what you give your attention to will  become your experience in life practice  seeing the good in your life and in  others think the best expects the best  and always ask yourself how can this  benefit my life leave who you were loved  who you are and look forward to who you  will become    


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