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The First Brain Chip Implant

is the first chip implanted into the human brain that directly links the human brain with a harddrive of a physical computer without a wire without a cable we have the biology that allows us to do already we have this what those chips are allowing us do it when we learn to access these mirror neurons in a very specific way we have super learning I do this personally I mean we can learn very very quickly and we are at this pivotal crossroad where we are developing and evolving our technology so quickly we have to make a choice as a society how much of our power will we give away to the machines how much of it sounds like a science fiction movie where do those movies come from this is consciousness in those movies asking us to explore how much of ourselves we want to give away and here’s a perfect example Elon Musk Elon Musk has developed a new company called neuro link and his philosophy is now and I’m not sliding him for this because this is the way society learns this is the way science learns by pushing the boundaries an Elon Musk is a brilliant man he’s pushing those boundaries and and I think he’ll push them until he has pushback from society neural link is the first chip implanted into the human brain that directly links the human brain with a hard drive of a physical computer without a wire without a cable so it’s like Bluetooth technology and Bluetooth but it’s you can think of it that way so what he’s saying is if you can’t meet the machines to join them he said let’s let’s interface let’s become one with these machines so what do you think about that so they they have the chips that can be implanted into the brain and I mean think about what’s happening these are silicon chips that have contact points that are interfacing with human neurons my personal feeling is it’s a mistake my personal feeling I I believe it’s a it’s a dangerous path and I also believe it’s an unnecessary path because we have the biology that allows us to do already we have this what those chips are allowing us do if we awaken that biology the matrix is the perfect example of this in the movie The Matrix the people who were awakening into the the new reality when they needed to learn something quickly they had a port at the base of their skull and they would physically plug a cable into a computer a harddrive and they could download and learn programs very quickly we have the ability to do right now through what are called mirror neurons interestingly mirror neurons are a specialized class of neurons in the human brain that don’t know the difference between watching and experience and having the experience so when when we and we already know this for example this is why you can lie on your couch on a Sunday afternoon watching a soccer game or a golf tournament or whatever you’re lying down but you’re watching this in your hearts racing your muscles are tensed you might be perspiring you might be you know breathing heavy and but you’re just lying there I mean if you think about that it makes no sense you’re mirror neurons think you’re the one on the field I plan that we watch it is it’s and these are very powerful neurons and they’re also powerful in addiction this is this is why pornography for example is so powerful it’s so addicting because when someone witnesses those images with the mirror neurons it triggers the same be oxytocin and the same dopamine the same very addictive chemistry because the brain doesn’t know the difference between watching and having the experience so this is these are the bad things that we hear the good things that we don’t often hear is because the brain does know the difference when we learn to access these mirror neurons in a very specific way we have super learning Brian we can so I I do this personally I mean we can learn very very quickly we can learn music you can learn to perform the way another musicians performing learn a foreign language very quickly you can retain not only retain but recall information very super learning super memory super retention super recall from the mirror neurons and here’s the kicker those mirror neurons in the in the human brain are in the sixth layer of the neocortex that is made possible through a mysterious DNA fusion that happened 200,000 years ago when we showed up who or whatever is responsible for our existence whatever is the source of the intervention that appears to have happened made that those neurons possible and it gives us the ability if we choose to access this potential to to learn and experience very very quickly we don’t need to be physically connected to a computer but this is an example of where if we don’t know that and we go down this road I mean it won’t stop there we end up giving our power away I toot to a device and you’ve heard the old the old axiom if users are losing and and we run I think the risk of becoming a species where we begin to lose this tremendous beautiful potential and we’re are losing parts of that already because we’re no longer kind of learning the same way and pushing our brains to learn languages it’s all about exactly asking ask the young people today to solve a mathematical problem without the use of a phone or a calculator yeah you know I come from a generation and this is all happened in one generation when I was in school back in the night nineteen fifties sixties early seventies engineers were putting the first man on the moon using a slide rule yeah now some of our viewers don’t even know what a slide rule is it is it is the precursor to the it has no electricity it is a gadget that looked like a ruler that a slide that you could use to to move and correlate certain numbers and this is the way engineering happened World War two the atomic bomb this is how we solved our problems and young people now if they don’t have they don’t have either a calculator which is almost obsolete a a physical calculator there on the phones now or they don’t have a phone they cannot solve the problems yeah well we are now cyborgs whether we want to admit it or not most people are anxious that they don’t have the phone they refer to it all the time it’s part of their consciousness and so as I’ve heard you on talk about he said the problem now maybe not the problem maybe the good part according to you is bandwidth because we have our thumbs to get the information from our brain into this this network this internet platform and so Elon is proposing that we jack up that bandwidth you know and get all of the download and interaction between us and this super computing super interconnected network around the world and then take ourselves to that next level and so I think Elon is a proponent or he’s just saying it’s going to happen so let’s make it happen yeah he’s he’s just saying you let’s go right flow this is where it’s going right and I see what you’re saying because if we do that there’s not many ways of going back we’re already doing we already are doing that to a certain extent aren’t we well we are and I have to be for transparency I’ll just say that I probably in what you would call a purist there’s a part of me that so respects the intricacy of the human being our existence we are so mysterious we are so complex and every time scientists think they’ve got it nailed it’s all buttoned up and they think they understand that they don’t know what what’s really happening human brain states perfect example we can talk about that in just a moment I think until we fully understand who we are in our potential it’s a mistake right – you’re closing off that door we might never go back there we’re giving it away it’s a mistake – to lose that 50 years from now there’ll be the science fiction movie of the people that stayed away from the tech and the people that win at it yeah I think it is happening right now that’s exactly what what you’re seeing and you know if some people go to extremes I think I think the machines can be useful as tools my caution is not to embrace them as a crutch where we have to have them if a machine can tell me when I’m creating the conditions in my body to access this potential then that machine is very useful once I understand that I can toss the machine the way I don’t need the gadget because now I know who I am if if the machine if I feel like I need the machine so you take me to this place every time so I have a bad day or I’m a little stressed I said I got to hook up to my machine you know my PC and run this app to tell me when I’m in the right brain state or whatever the right heart state or whatever it is and I think that’s where we run the risk and we have to be conscious we have to be conscious and cautious as we do this I’m tripping on a little bit because I wanted to go back I’m not sliding Elon Musk he is a different generation than we are he’s an entrepreneur he’s done amazing things he sees potential and he says let’s explore this potential and so he probably is accelerating the evolution wherever that evolution is going to go we have to make a choice now where we didn’t have to make it five years ago now we have to choose are we going to follow this path now I have to tell you Brian audiences all over the world when I share this story and I’ve got a presentation that goes with it and I before I even share my opinion I can see people in the audience and when they see the picture of the chip I say here’s the chip here’s what it does and people are out there they’re shaking their heads and then when I say in my opinion this is a dangerous thing to do it’s a slippery slope I think we may not want to go here people who stand up and they applaud people at least in the ilk that we are communicating with believe that there is a pushing a boundary and it’s a boundary they don’t want to cross  


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