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76% of Americans live paycheck to  paycheck 64% of Americans that have  businesses break even or lose money but  most people are don’t have any money and  it have accepted the fact that they  don’t have any money they know how many  leftover money they’re fearful of money  constantly they overspend they don’t  know how to produce money they  definitely don’t know how to multiply  the the land of the brave and the home  of the free it’s not even close to the  truth it’s just important for people to  understand that complaining has no value  and if you complain about not having  enough money work more if you complain  about not having work-life balance spend  more time on vacationing and your family  it’s super simple let your actions  dictate instead of sitting there and  feeling like you’re not in control poor  people say I can’t afford it I can’t do  that I don’t have time it’s an escape I  mean it’s easier to say I can’t afford  oh I come too tired well I can’t go to  the gym you know when you could go to  the gym but no I can’t  sure there’s I’m just too lazy to go get  you money doesn’t have value right and  this is an important thing that most  people don’t immediately understand is  that money itself doesn’t have value  money is is a vector for transmitting  value it’s how you express value but the  value isn’t and the money it’s in the  product or service you bought with it  and it’s in the labor you gave in order  to acquire it in the first place that  that’s where the value comes from  there’s nothing intrinsically valuable  in the money you shouldn’t put money in  a house you should put money in your  brand you should put money in the  marketing you should promote yourself  not put money and where you and the kids  live right why is that a mistake because  it’s dead money I mean it’s it can’t a  house can’t make you money a house does  not make you money the only reason  people think a house makes the money is  they’re comparing it to if I rent that  cost me money but you know if you need  to go to hospital you don’t buy the  hospital you were in a bit  to get out of there as fast as you can  if you go on a trip you go to America  and you want to go to Disneyland you  don’t buy the hotel you rent a room and  nobody thinks bad poorly of that they’re  like yeah I’m gonna go there and use the  place and get out that’s what you should  be doing with your living find a place  where you can rent rent rent pay rent  monthly don’t own the house and take all  the money that you would have put in  that house purchase downpayment extra  money fixing it up use all that money to  improve your business and yourself so  that you can get more money right so I  see so many people here like I’m gonna  invest three hundred thousand pounds in  a house to hopefully make thirty  thousand dollars 30,000 pounds I’m gonna  make I’m a buyer for 300 oh maybe I’ll  sell it for six hundred thousand I’ll  double my money fixed in one place by  the way where no money comes to you  money does not go to homes right and  that’s big a big thing on your career is  moving locations  yeah I’ve moved five or six times I can  move another four or five times because  people who stay in the same place get  too comfortable if you study wealthy  people they’re mercurial they’re moving  they’re mobile they’re not they’re not  talking Warren Buffett Bill Gates do not  talk about the home they live in they  talk about the places they’re going  through they go meet money they go meet  wealth they go meet connections people  are stunningly accepting of anything if  they actually believe that’s the purest  form of it I think I’d be less  acceptable if I hedged  I really do people will accept you we  accept everything just bu bu and clearly  people like react when you’re trying to  fake something and you’ve got bad intent  well then that’s visceral and we hate  but I actually think we we don’t give  love to the person that actually knows  they have it and they’re trying to fake  it  to conform hence why I won’t adjust to  this market all the way because I don’t  think I’ll be respected I know what my  intent is so why would I be scared I  want to build the biggest building in  town that’s who I am and you know how I  want to do that by building the biggest  building in town and a lot of people  want to build the biggest building in  town and you know how they want to do it  by tearing everybody else’s building  down poverty is passed on it’s taught in  your families  and middle classes taught in families  and so the people right now who are  sitting at home who are struggling  financially or worried about money or  unhappy that may be making a lot of  money but unhappy with what they’re  doing  it was probably taught to you you know  your super-ego was taught get a job work  hard or you’ll never be rich or the rich  or evil or whatever until you change  your mindset money won’t help you right  and we see that with people that win the  lottery people that make more money they  still have the same problem right  because they have that poor man’s soul  right if you’re poor you’ll always be  poor that’s really hard for people to  understand I will disappear that fast  just like most pro athletes you know  they make millions of dollars and what  65% are bankrupt five years later it’s  because it come from poorer families now  you tell them that they get very angry  at you not it’s a rich fault you know as  you guys ripped me off and government  ripped me off but unfortunately what mr.  Lipton was saying it’s passed down  genetically that’s the frightening thing  and it’s interesting when you commit to  something little gifts just start  automatically showing up it’s phenomenal  thing it’s happened my whole career when  I fully commit somebody will bring me  something and then look then keep your  eyes open and by the way the package may  come wrapped in a package you weren’t  thinking about hard work or like a voice  or like a person or you know maybe from  a different direction than you thought  or an offering where you’re like you  read something about this and that’s not  the thing like all throughout my career  it’s come in weird kind of ways if you  ask for help and somebody shows up at  the door maybe let invite them in  regardless of what the packaging is or  what you’ve heard about it or whatever  that’s really been beneficial to okay  how old are you 44 I think I’m 40 do you  know young we feel  it’s when you were 26 did you ever think  that this is what 44 felt like no you  thought that that was finished yeah how  do you like you think a foreigners like  when I was 25 years old I thought a 40  year old was finished I don’t even feel  like I’m starting right yeah but when I  was 26 I was in a rush I understand all  of those guys and girls in the streets  last night they when you say that to  them like their face kind of goes blank  because all the stuff they watch MTV  musically does this it’s all about the  bling now and this is now and of this  now you know and MTV’s team you start  following people on Instagram and it’s a  disaster they’re all pushing like you  know it’s all about champagne and  private planes and you can get it too  and just sign up for my court like and  everybody’s fallin for it  so I’m coming out and I first of all I  want to be historically correct nobody  in 100 years is gonna watch that video  and say that I was full of crap I like  that right number two I want my legend  to grow I’m always fascinated by  politicians and world figures like  Winston Churchill his brain continues to  grow right I want that when I’m dead I  want to be in the ground at peace  knowing my legends growing like I want  that I want that in the business world  and so I’m giving real advice and real  advice looks like this when you’re 19  and you can spend seven full years  learning your craft meeting people that  are Mentors  being patient and you wake up and you’re  26 years old you have your entire life  in front of you and you’ve done great  foundational work to go on and then be  successful you know I have bad luck –  I’ve had financial crash and so I’ve had  people stab me in the back but they’re  all good because I grow from it that’s  spirituality you know people who are  afraid of making mistakes like they  teach in school they don’t ever grow  because spirituality is as good and  there’s bad the right and as wrong as up  and there’s down most people don’t want  to be right all I want to be positive  well you can’t have that that’s not  reality and the average person the  reason their pores haven’t failed  you know they play it’s all safe they  haven’t made any mistakes like they  taught in school that means they don’t  learn anything that’s why the school  systems actually fundamentally corrupt  it’s anti education don’t make mistakes  and don’t ask for help and if I didn’t  ask for help I have my accountants my  attorneys my bankers and all that you  know I go into business like a rugby  team you know boom boom and we kick butt  but the average guy is standing there oh  I’m an A student I’m going to do this  all on myself and I kind of bunch of  rugby players run you over you go well  they’re not playing fair yeah what  you’re not you’re playing stupid you  should have a team you have accountants  attorneys and bankers and all that stuff  but that’s not a game I want to play I  said then don’t play the game you know  the game of business is played with  accountants attorneys bankers hate to  say it politicians you know you gotta  know the game like I don’t want a hustle  I want it I want to prosper I don’t want  to grind I want to create a machine that  monetizes you know I’m not shameful of  money I want money I want a lot of money  I want to give money away I want to  raise a lot of money and you can’t do  that if you’re broke    


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