Will Be an OPEN SOURCE Platform

what you have just heard I would say a handful of people on earth no even in classified projects is highly compartmented this is really way past TSS CI top-secret special compartment at intelligence friends let me listen carefully in one anyone listening do not think you’re gonna be off the radar of the sector of the Intelligence Committee working tasked with this issue no level of encryption no level of patents no level of Spy vs spy talking in gibberish code over a phone is going to frustrate their knowing everything you’re doing in real time and the only protection there is is strategic protection which is massive disclosure and public transparency of everything you are doing the quickest way to get killed doing this stuff is to do it secretively if you do it in full view you’re completely safe why because the people who are in these covert programs the last thing they want to do is to be caught red-handed in a Wetworks operation wet works or assassinations a wet works operation with the whole world watching that’s why I’m still alive we have to figure out how to move this where I have to pass this on to a generation because you know I won’t be around for more than another 30 or 40 years but we need people to understand what the sciences are because this is the biggest change in the history of the human race every CEO and high tech person and billionaire I’ve met with wants to do the technology monetize it have patents keep it secret do the R and secrecy like you’re developing another piece of rubbish like this cellphone this is junk chunk it’s of no real significance at all not going to change the world you can it’s a telephone that you can talk on like in the early 1900s except it’s wireless using the same frequencies of a radio or what have you it says nothing is nothing trillions of dollars into nothing so the paradigm of doing this as a intellectual property and secret the only way you’re going to get that out is if you convince this other hardcore element within the intelligence community and corporate world that they should give up thousands of trillions of dollars of asset base utilities and coal and oil so that this happens and they don’t want to do that and you and believe me there’s no Bill Gates can’t take on this multi trillion-dollar element Bill Gates has no money at all compared to these guys what can take them on the masses of people knowing about it the lab doing it is live streamed on the internet it’s done fully open source in the instance you hit the sweet spot in the resonant frequencies of a free energy device the entire world knows it and dozens of academic centers reproduce it in real time you squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube so hard and so fast no one can put it back in and the whole world knows about it at each step do you want to know how ETS make things so we get into that because this is actually a consciousness assisted technology this microphone and all this stuff has been he would cut down a tree for this the metal was dug out of the earth you know a Neanderthal like and smelt it down made into metal and then it’s riveted together in bolts and screws transdimensional interstellar civilizations which means the ones that are here and have exceeded the speed of light have mastered the sciences of transdimensional manufacturing to wit they are able to create a standing resonant sonic energy field that is almost like a architectural blueprint of something like 3d printing but this is like four or five D printing get it and in that resonant field then materialize the object the spacecraft a piece of clothing from the transdimensional interface energetic interface with subatomic space-time matter so that the molecules the atoms the structures everything in that is coming out in is coming through into this dimension of 3d from that deeper interface from another dimension an energy field and it just materializes it now the word materializes no one thinks what that means it’s to make material but you’re assembling it from these elementals like all the elementals that are sub sub sub sub atomic and then weigh in past the even zero point energy field which is infinite energy as Tesla said but in that pluripotent state you can recruit pure gold pure platinum iron any metal and biologicals what have you so you can then manifest that from trying to articulate something that’s a very advanced science in lay terms so that you can follow it but going back to this concept of consciousness assisted technology so if you’re connected and you see what you want to manifest you can connect to a technology that creates this resonant and sonic deep sonic field that then materializes that object so not initially but say you know I don’t know how many years into the future we’re not even going to need to be having mining operations or manufacturing or anything that damages the earth it will simply be this kind of high-tech 4d five D manufacturing forget 3d manufacturing look at it this way the everyone know what the Internet is you know how it came about no it was an Al Gore is DARPA the Defense Advanced Research Projects administration and the department defense developed it by the way they still run it on own it but the internet which is really very open-source everyone can get online for free right or you pay a subscription but if the Internet itself is free so what I’m trying to have these folks understand is let’s do this as in place of DARPA because the government is not going to do this ever therefore there is no equivalent of a DARPA to do this for us therefore let us create our own organization and entity that takes the place of DARPA to create this open source of zero-point free energy platform where shared openly and then that same group would then be able to take that knowledge and do all the thousands of vertical and horizontal applications this thing you use it for a little while it’s dead what if it had a miniaturize epe solid state system in it and there was no battery in it or a tiny little one just as sort of a discharging release of energy it never has to be plugged in your PC never has to be plugged in your refrigerators manufactured ships from the factory with a motor it has a motor in it now but the zeep is a zero point energy motor but the basic energy source and how it works needs to be open source does this make sense the folks just like the internet is open source I’m trying to convince people who are high net-worth CEOs individuals and also inventors to leave behind this spook model of keeping and intellectual property have it a trade secret will be so cute we’re gonna outfox the secret government we’re gonna take the patent for it and divide it into a hundred patents and they won’t know what we’re doing by the time you’ve had that thought and it’s emanated from your cortex classified projects no that’s what you’re gonna do and I’m not kidding because they have technologies that that are at that level of spyware what you have just heard I would say a handful of people on earth know even in classified projects is highly compartmented this is really way past TSS CI top-secret special compartment at intelligence


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